Initial Operation

Updated date: 11 July 2017
In order to assist with request management, Octopus can add reminders to incidents, service requests and tasks. The reminder will trigger a notification to the user that created it at the date and time programmed in the reminder. These reminders are visible from the Reminders module...
Updated date: 5 May 2017
In Octopus the work done by Octopus users (approvers and external users) is done within activities. This is a very important element in Octopus and this article describes how it works and the different visual modes of activities.
Updated date: 13 February 2017
This article explains the efficient creation steps of an incident in a context where a user calls to address his needs to the Service Center.There is more than one way to create an incident in Octopus. The creation upon a phone call requires a quick reaction from the call center analyst, so every...


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