MailIntegration - Testing the POP3 connection

To test the POP3 connection used by MainIntegration:

  • Send an e-mail to the mailbox being tested
  • Start a command window (cmd)
  • Type the following command : TELNET MyServer 110
  • Type the following command: USER UserName
  • Type the following command : PASS UserPassword
  • Type the following command: LIST
    • The server will provide the list of the message IDs in the mailbox. There should be at least one message.​
  • Type the following command : QUIT

If you aren't able to successfully complete this test, you need to contact your e-mail server administrator and resolve the problem. Common problems are:

  • The server doesn't accept POP3 connections
  • The name of the mailbox(user) isn't recognized
  • The password for the mailbox (user)is invalid

Until this test is completed successfully, there is no point in testing MainIntegration.

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