Convert the document tab of a CI


How to convert the document tab of a CI to the new format?

From version 4.1.250 and on, the HTML editor for the document tab of a CI has been replaced. 

Follow these steps to convert a document

  1. From the document tab of the CI
  2. Copy the content of the document.
    • Note that CRTL + A will not work in this editor.
  3. Paste the copied information in Word.
  4. Delete the content of the document tab.
    • There must not be any spaces of non printable characters.
  5. Save the CI.
  6. The system will detect that the documentation tab of the CI is empty and convert to the new HTML mode.
    • The editor will be visually different.
  7. Take the copied data from Word and paste them in the document tab.  
    • Some of the information may need to be reformatted in the document. 
  8. Save in the new format.
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