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In order to deliver features with with ease, while minimizing the impact on the infrastructure and users, the deployment calendar becomes a very useful tool. It allows to visualize the planned deployments and show if one or more services will be impacted. It is recommended to do implementations based on a schedule pre-established by the enterprise to minimize impacts. It is also important to consider the interrupted services and the frequency of their deployments.

A change can have multiple deployment tasks. This is an advantage to plan deployments in multiple phases.

How to add a deployment to the calendar

To add a new entry to the deployment calendar, you must enter the following information from a Change task:

  1. Enter a start date and time
  2. Enter an end date and time
  3. Check the Is a deployment box
  4. Choose the impact level between: 
    • None
    • Degradation
    • Interruption
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Note: In order for the task to appear into the deployment calendar, it must be checked Is a deployment and have an impact selected. 

Calendar overview


The deployment calendar is color coded by impact.

  • Gray : no impact
  • Orange : degradation of service 
  • Red : service interruption
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Calendar view

Several views are available:

  • Agenda
  • Week
  • Month

Each of these views displays different information

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The Agenda view displays all planned deployments.  

Here is the information displayed:

  1. Deployment date
  2. Deployment period
  3. Impact colour
  4. Impacted service
  5. Subject of deployment task
  6. Assigned deployment group
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The Week view displays all deployments planned during the selected week.

Here is the information displayed:

  1. Week
  2. Date 
  3. Time
  4. Impact colour
  5. Impacted service
  6. Subject of deployment task
  7. Assigned deployment group
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Options for the week view

By default, the week view of the deployment calendar shows the deployments from 7:00 to 00:00. As most deployments are done out of this range an option allows to modify the start time of the range.

For example to 00:00 in order to see 24 hours at a time.

It is also possible to choose the end time visible in the calendar. 

Contact us to modify the time range if required and mention the DeploymentCalendar.StartTime or DeploymentCalendar.EndTime option depending on whether you wish to change the start or end time.

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The Month view displays all deployments planned during the selected month.

Here is the information displayed:

  1. Month
  2. Impact colour
  3. Impacted service
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Note: When you mouse over a deployment, the following information is displayed: 
  • Subject of deployment task
  • Assigned deployment group

Deployment History

The deployment calendar keeps a complete history of deployment tasks unless they have been deleted.

Note: Before version 4.2.240 only the last three months could be seen in the deployment calendar. 


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