How to Export Data to Excel


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Here are the steps to export your Octopus data to Excel

  • Display any list (list of incidents, of CIs, planned request items from the planned requests, etc.) or create a new search
  • Personalize the list by modifying the columns displayed or how the data is sorted
  • Select one of more lines from the list (if you wish to transfert all the data to Excel, there is no need to make a selection)
  • Right click in the list and select Open in Excel from the menu
  • You will then need to choose between All records or Selected records

Excel will then open with the results (including column headers).


Note: columns in the format ddhhmm, such as the Opened since column, once exported to Excel, are displayed in the format [h]:mm:ss in Excel to allow calculations.
In Octopus, the column shows the minutes rounded to 15 minutes (00, 15, 30 and 45), while in Excel the unrounded value is exported.
Example :
Octopus : 5 days 22h45m
Excel : 142:41:04


NOTE : If you do not have the Open in Excel option in the contextual menu, it is because Excel is not installed on the workstation. This option is generally not available on a serveur. 

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