Updated date: 7 May 2024
General What are the features of Octopus? What are the key concepts?
Updated date: 22 August 2017
The program WMIUpdater (ESI.Octopus.WMIUpdaterApp.exe) detects the softwares contained in "Add and Remove Programs".  To detect other software, you need to:
Updated date: 21 December 2021
Screen resolution and font size - Windows client display For an optimal display, Octopus needs a minimum resolution of 864 pixels in height to correctly display the different windows of the application. The width does not matter.  
Updated date: 22 June 2020
By default, Octopus is installed in the following folder:
Updated date: 13 March 2020
The Warranty Type field that is found in the Cost tab of a CI can only be updated with a CI import.  Please note - If you add a new type of warranty, it will be visible to all Octopus teams.
Updated date: 22 August 2017
In Octopus you can assign multiple requests at once:   
Updated date: 14 December 2022
The current list is automatically refreshed when:  
Updated date: 5 February 2018
To configure the required fields: Go to Tools > Options. Find the section in Options named Required field management.
Updated date: 18 July 2022
The start date and end date can be entered manually within a task. However, the actual start date is the date the task is activated and the actual end date is the date the task is completed.
Updated date: 30 June 2015


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