Release Notes

Updated date: 14 May 2024
This article lists all the new Octopus features delivered to our customers.  
Updated date: 20 December 2021
Updated date: 18 June 2021
Updated date: 20 June 2022
  ‎The year has been very rich in twists, turns and new projects.
Updated date: 19 March 2021
Updated date: 18 June 2021
Updated date: 20 December 2018
Welcome to our Winter 2016-2017 Newsletter      
Updated date: 24 September 2018
Welcome to our Summer 2017 Newsletter The warm weather is finally here and it is with our usual enthusiasm that we wish you a wonderful Summer and hope you make the best of your vacation. 
Updated date: 20 December 2015
Welcome to our Fall 2015 Newsletter! Already our third installment, and we are as always impatient to deliver the latest news about Octopus. As in previous editions, you will find all news about Octopus, our changes made and latest implemented features.
Updated date: 20 December 2023


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