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Octopus 6 Deployment

The deployment of Octopus 6 gradually took place during the fall.

It introduced several cool new features that have already become popular, including the Octopus boards and the ability to format activities in HTML.

If you are not yet familiar with these new features, you can find out about them in the following wikis:

Octopus Boards

As mentioned above the boards available with version 6 are already improving ....

To better follow the movement of the cards, we added the history of changes made to the cards.

  • It is possible to target a particular type of modification or to search with the subject.
  • The board administrators will also be able to search for modifications to the Permissions and Configuration.


Among the improvements that have already been targeted for boards in 2021, there are:

  • The ability to add tasks and changes to tables
  • Adding labels, configurable according to your needs

Here is an example in the current version and a mockup of what it might look like with labels.


Octopus Mobile


A new version of the Octopus mobile will be available when after we return from the holidays. 

Among other things, there will be improvements to inventory management in this release.

  • To find out more about the mobile, consult the article on the Octopus Mobile for installation instructions and to discover several small instructive videos of the options already in place.










From a Distance, But Always There ...


Whether for new projects, current projects or training, we are there to support you as usual, but in virtual mode.

Do not hesitate to contact your Octopus specialist or the sales team for new projects and see you soon.


To discover in detail all the new features since the last newsletter and more, visit the Release Notes page.


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