Winter 2021-2022 Newsletter



‎The year has been very rich in twists, turns and new projects.

You, our dear customers, remain at the core of our business and we always appreciate your feedback on the continuing evolving needs you face in in all aspects.

To serve you better in the years to come we have focused on the design of a no-code development platform. Our new ‎‎entity Octopus MD‎‎ with its products can create enterprise software in records time. Also, a new full version of our ‎‎ITSM / ESM‎‎ software based on this same platform will soon see the light of day!

While we wait for 2022 - take a moment to grab the essential news on our solutions in this last update of the year while taking the time to take care of yourselves, family, and friends.

Merry Holidays!


News & New Features


Upcoming improvement

  • We intend to add Azure AD cloud authentication for your end-users with Octopus.

Optimization work

  • Several optimisations have been implemented in the last few months to maintain a high level of performance for some of you with hundreds of Octopus users and tens of thousands of end-users.

Continuous improvement

  • You have now the option of drag and dropping an email directly from Outlook to the list of items in the attachment section of Octopus. This feature also extends to attachments within an email.
  • The expanding need of teams outside IT continue to evolve and for this reason the applications WMIUpdater and ADSIReader have been updated to support all teams. For more information, please consult the Teams page in the reference data section.


New generation of applications ITSM/ESM


We have started development of a new generation of professional software for query management using our no-code platform.

To date the priority has been on teams outside IT which have very specific needs which no immediately available answers on the market. Multiple solutions are in trial with some clients and the comments we have received are very encouraging for the future!

An endeavour has also started to connect these new ESM applications with our existing ITSM one. For example, a newly created team using this next generation software will be accessible from the ITSM solution Web portal.

To be continued in 2022 !



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Help us improve our articles