Updated date: 28 August 2019
Introduction  Whenever an Octopus tool, such as MailIntegration, is executed, a log file is created. By default the file is created in the Octopus folder of the computer that ran the program. 
Updated date: 23 August 2016
If you are experiencing WMI connection problems, you can use wbemtest, a WMI testing tool included with Windows, to test the connection independently of Octopus.
Updated date: 3 January 2024
Here are the different options to get to the Octopus Service Desk.
Updated date: 27 March 2020
To detect the configuration of a computer, Octopus uses the Windows Management Instrumentation components (also called WMI) installed on the computer to be inspected. Different errors may occur during the inspection. The table below lists the most common errors and provides clues for correcting...
Updated date: 19 November 2014
This article describes how to modify the registry parameter SharedSection to deal with a frequent problem of window creation.
Updated date: 21 February 2018
To test the POP3 connection used by MailIntegration:
Updated date: 19 November 2014
If you use the Web Portal, you will sometimes have Users that cannot subcribe on their own to the Web Services or that cannot remember their password. You can create a Web Account and reset the password for the User directly in Octopus.
Updated date: 22 June 2020
This article explains how to manage two (or more) Octopus installations on the same computer. This procedure is required if the same PC will be used to access two distinct Octopus environments. 
Updated date: 26 February 2024
To run the Octopus programs automatically, you need to create a Windows scheduled task. This article will provide you with guide lines to do so.
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