Octopus Service Desk


Your standard options

  • Information requests, technical problems
    Send us your request through our self-service Web portal at https://servicedesk.octopus-itsm.com
  • By email
    You can contact us at  support@octopus-itsm.com
  • Phone number to reach us

1-514-832-5975 (Canada)

1-877-910-5055 (Tool free, North America) (Europe)

11 3042-0040 (Brazil)

  • Business Hours
    Monday to Friday from 8 a.m to 5 p.m (GMT-5:00)

Don't forget to frequently visit our Wiki at Wiki Octopus to view several articles on how to use Octopus.


Octopus General Outages
Please check : http://status.octopus-itsm.com

If the current status is normal and no one can connect to Octopus:

Please use the email below only in this situation.
(This adress generates automated alerts)

In all other cases, we invite you to use our Web Portal.


To add us to your contacts, scan the QR code!


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Help us improve our articles