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To detect the configuration of a computer, Octopus uses the Windows Management Instrumentation components (also called WMI) installed on the computer to be inspected.
Different errors may occur during the inspection. The table below lists the most common errors and provides clues for correcting them. 

 Note that the explanations / resolutions proposed are based on our experience with WMI - they may not necessarily be the only possible reasons.

Error Message Defenition

Unknown Computer


  • Unable to recognize the computer name in an IP address.

Explanation / Resolution

  • The most probable scenario is that this computer no longer exists. If it is the case, change the Octopus status to Retired or remove the CI from Active Directory, it will be detected as retired at the next import.

  • There is an error in the computer name

  • There is a technical problem. As long as a nslookup is not successfully executed, the problem will persist

  • A laptop that rarely connects to the domain may get this type of error.

Connection Timeout


  • The computer name is recognized ; however, it is impossible to connect to it.

Explanation / Resolution

  • The computer is turned off

  • The computer is not connected to the network

  • The computer belongs to another network/domain that is not "visible" from where the WMI detection is being done. In this case, the detection must be done on a computer that belongs to the same network

Access Denied


  • Does not have the correct rights to inspect the computer.

Explanation / Resolution

  • The network account used for the inspection does not have the minimal required permissions for the detection. We recommend the you use of an account with administrator rights on the domain.

RPC Error (RPC Error)


  • The computer refused to establish a RPC type connection.

​Explanation / Resolution

  • The computer has an active firewall. The installation of Windows XP SP2 or Windows Server 2003 automatically activates a firewall. The firewall must be deactivated or configured is to accept RPC type connections

  • The RPC service is deactivated or does not work.

Error during process


  • WMI internal error.

Explanation / Resolution

  • The WMI installation of the inspected computer is faulty. Check the WMI installation

  • The default installation of Windows Server 2003 does not include the WMI components. Components must be installed manually.

Reading Timeout


  • The inspection has exceeded the maximum time allowed.

Explanation / Resolution

  • The computer inspected could not provide its configuration in the expected time. The computer is too busy to process the request or a technical problem prevents the inspection from being completed.

Unknown error


  • An unexpected error occurred during the inspection.

Explanation / Resolution

  • A technical problem on the computer prevents the inspection from being completed.

Serial Number Mismatch


  • The workstation name and serial number do not match the computer history.
  • The serial number has been modified directly in the CI file directly and is inconsistent with the computer history, which has the effect of no longer updating the CI.

Explanation / Resolution

  • The same computer name was used on another workstation. When replacing a computer, if the same name as the old computer is retained, the old computer in Octopus must be renamed first.
  • Submit the original serial number that is entered in the history and subsequently WMIUpdater will be able to refresh the fields the next time it runs.

Other Troubleshooting Information

WMI uses the Windows RPC system, which uses dynamic ports.

Without prejudice since this is a site that is not under our control, the following article can be used to better understand how to find information specific to each computer.


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