Refresh Rate of the Current List


The current list is automatically refreshed when:

  • A list is loaded for the first time
  • A list already present is loaded again

For example if you work somewhere else in Octopus and you come back to the tab of the list

  • The Octopus application is reactivated
  • The application is Activated when a user is working in another application and returns to the Octopus application
  • the user manually updates the list (F5)

    What you need to know:

    A list will not be reloaded automatically if it was last loaded within 30 seconds.
     A visual indicator on the tab will show when the list is being refreshed. 

    In addition, each list will show the date and time of the last update.


If you want to be notified when the content of a list changes, see the Subscription to a List section of the Custom Notifications wiki, to enable notifications on changes to a specific list.


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Help us improve our articles