How to Prevent Request Transfers to a Team?


By default, the transfer of requests between teams is activated in Octopus, but in certain contexts, this option can be inconvenient.

It is possible for a team to choose not to receive any transfers at all, by unchecking the This team can receive transferred requests from other teams option from the reference data.

Once the option is deactivated, the team in question will no longer be visible in the choices when the Transfer to another team action is used.

And if no team has chosen to receive transfers, the Transfer to another team action will be invisible.

Note that there are no half measures; if the option is activated all teams can transfer requests to the team and if the option is deactivated, they will not receive transfers from any team.


What you need to know

To configure this option, the Octopus administrator must also have the Modify common team data permission.

This permission is generally reserved for the Octopus administrator of the IT team.

When transferring a request to another team. The attachments of the source request are deleted because they now belong to the other team. 


The configuration is done from:

  • Tools > Reference data management
  • General > Teams
  • Select the team
  • Uncheck or check the option This team can receive transferred requests from other teams, as needed
  • Note that Octopus users from all teams must restart Octopus for the change to be effective everywhere


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