Incident & SR - What Does an Item in Bold in a List Mean?


When a new activity, like an email communication for example, is added to an Incident or SR, it will appear in bold in the lists of the Assignee or someone in the Follow-up by field. 


What you need to know:

  1. A request in bold is considered unread
  2. As soon as an action is done on a request, it will be considered read
  3. If the new activity was added by the Assignee or the person in the Follow-up by field, the request will not be in bold in the list
  4. Unread requests (in bold) of each Octopus user persist and are reapplied when the Windows client is restarted
  5. This mechanism does not apply if Incidents/SRs are imported with DataImporter
  6. There are no notifications or subscriptions for unread incidents




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