Octopus Shortcut Keys


Octopus Shortcut Keys

Here is the list of shortcuts available in Octopus and Octopus 5. 

Shortcuts available in Octopus 5

  • F3 : Positions the cursor in the global search field.
  • F4: Create an incident
  • F5: Reload the whole application
  • CTRL + S: Save
  • ESC: Cancel changes in progress
  • ALT + R: Refresh the data (without reloading the entire application asF5 does)
  • ALT + 1 à ALT + 9: Quick access to favourites
  • CTRL + Click: On an item allows to open it in a new tab

  • ALT + Click: On an item allows to open it in a new tab

  • CTRL + SHIFT + Enter: On an item of a list allows to open it in a new tab

  • CTRL + P: À partir d'un incident ou d'une SR ouvre la requête dans un autre onglet pret pour faire l'impression avec le fureteur. 

  • ALT + P: From a list in card or list mode allows to show or hide the activity panel.

  • ALT + L : Hides or shows the left section.

Shortcuts available in Octopus


  • F2: Open My Incidents / SR
  • F3: Open user management
  • F4: Create an incident
  • CTRL + SHIFT + A: Assign an incident
  • CTRL + R: Mark as resolved


  • CTRL + SHIFT + N: Opens the activity window (from within a request or the edit zone)


  • CTRL + SHIFT + C: Copy the list disposition
  • CTRL + SHIFT + V: Paste the list disposition onto another list


  • F5: Refresh on screen data
  • F7: Open Configurations management
  • F8: Open Reminders
  • F9: Open Dashboard
  • F11: Open the calendar
  • CTRL + F2: Open Home
  • CTRL + S: Save on screen data
  • ALT + S: Save on screen data and close active Window
  • CTRL + A: Select all data
  • CTRL + C: Copy list content in clipboard (i.e. to paste it after in Excel)
  • CTRL + P:Print current list
  • CTRL + SHIFT + E:  Send by email
  • CTRL + SHIFT + F: Search through all types of request (Incident, SR, Change, Problem)
  • CTRL + F4:Close active window
  • CTRL + SHIFT + F4:Close all windows
  • CTRL + Click on a list to open a new tab without losing the module currently displayed
  • CTRL + Click on the magnifier while searching opens the results in a new tab
  • CTRL + Click on a tab to close it
  • CTRL + Click on a module to open the same module multiple times
  • CTRL + ↓ (Up or down) in activities to move
  • ALT + F4: Quit Octopus

Advanced Search

  • CTRL + A: Select / deselect all from a multiple choice dialog box. 

Help or Reference Pages in Octopus

  • CTRL + MAJ + C: Allows to copy the address of the current page when you are in a Wiki or reference pages in Octopus (Release Notes, News, etc.) to be able to paste in an Internet browser.

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