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For several enterprises, the services offered are destined to not only internal employees, but external resources as well. Sometimes, a service center will need to provide support to users from multiple enterprises or to sites without any connections from one environment to another, of requests or equipment.  This is what we call external support.

Octopus allows you to manage this type of approach towards your customer base, not only for their requests and equipment, but also for their service and lease contracts.  The idea of data isolation is applied, therefore limiting users to only see what their direct enterprise possess.

Applied modifications

In the external support mode, the following modifications are applied to the default behaviour of Octopus. These modifications have been categorized in 2 parts:

Modifications to the application and modifications to the Web Portal.


  • Access to the Incident/SR type is restricted if the user is not associated to a site.
  • The association between a user and a CI depends on the site. Each user and each CI must have a site in order to relate them. Without this information, a user or CI is "without site" and can only be used with other data "without site". 
  • Service and lease contracts are categorized as:
    • Sold
    • Purchased
  • Reports - Support contracts are considered "Sold" rather than purchased and assigned to the site rather than the supplier. 

Web Portal

  • The Web Portal does not allow the selection of the user by the requester.
  • The Web Portal does not allow the selection of a CI other than the ones from the user's site. 
    • An additional option can filter the available CIs on the Web Portal in relation to the user's department and only give him access to the CI from his department. 
  • The CI search is based on the site. No results will be found if a site was not added to the requester's file. 
  • The site is automatically the one of the requester. 
  • There is no possible selection of a site by the requester. 
  • My profile section.
    • No possible modifications to the site.
    • No possible approval delegation. 

The standard behaviour applies to the rest of the application.

If you wish to activate the external support mode in your environment, please contact our Service Desk.

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